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Get logs of a gateway on Wanesy Management Cockpit


Get logs of a gateway

The constraints associated to the get logs command are as follows:
  • The get logs command is only accessible to users with SERVICE_ADMINISTRATOR and CHANNEL_ ADMINISTRATOR roles
  • It is not possible to send a new get logs command if another one is already pending for the same gateway
  • It is possible to cancel a get logs command only if it has not yet been sent to the gateway

To get the logs of a gateway, you need to go to the gateway overview page and select Get logs from the ACTIONS menu.

After clicking on Get logs, you will be redirected to the Gateway logs page.

In case of backhaul restriction on speed or data, you have the option to enable the minimal mode to limit the size of the log file.

The minimal mode is enabled by default if the current backhaul used is cellular (or if it is unknown), in all other cases the normal mode is enabled by default.
The constraints associated to the minimal mode are as follows:
  • The minimal mode is not supported for gateways with FW < KerOS 5.6
  • The minimal mode is not yet available for gateways with FW = KerOS 6

Once triggered after clicking on GET LOGS button, the get logs command will be sent to the gateway when the next telemetry message is received (message expected every hour).

When a get logs command is pending (waiting to be sent to the gateway), it appears in the Get logs command block and an orange dot is displayed in the ACTIONS menu.

To cancel the get logs command, you need to click on the CANCEL GET LOGS button present in the Get logs command block.

Then a confirmation popup is displayed.

The available log files are listed in the Available log files block, a link allows to download each of them.

The retention period for the log files is 30 days.
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