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Kerlink Helium Hotspot Wiki

Welcome on this public wiki page. You can find below all relevant information concerning Kerlink Helium Hotspot setup, onboarding and troubleshooting.

If you cannot find required information on this page, please contact your reseller (from whom you purchase your product) or Kerlink through OTRS system (if you are a direct customer).

Due its cryptographic key and to ensure Kerlink Helium Hotspot security, no SSH access can be given to those gateways.
Please read those pages from carefully:
Helium - Twelve Words Seed Phrase
Helium - Twenty-Four Word Seed Phrase
Helium - Helium Wallet App

Your Wallet is the ONLY way to access to your Hotspot. If you lose your pin code and/or your 12/24 unique word passphrase you will lose your Hotspot too!
Kerlink can not change the Wallet, a FACTORY RESET will not solve your problem. Hotspot is fully lost.

Setup guides


We strongly recommend that you perform onboarding and assert the location shortly after.
In other words: avoid boarding a hotspot without asserting its location after it.

You will need Kerlink Hotspot App to manage your Hotspot and Helium HNT Wallet App App to create your Wallet.

Some API are available too: Helium APIs

Troubleshooting guide & FAQ

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