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Helium HNT Wallet App

The Helium HNT Wallet App available on Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also find a link to the app through Kerlink Hotspot App. Kerlink support needs version 3.4.6 or later.

Setting up Helium Wallet with Helium App

  • First step is to create an account and a personal wallet.
Please read those pages from carefully:
Helium - Twelve Words Seed Phrase
Helium - Helium Wallet App

Your Wallet is the ONLY way to access to your Hotspot. If you lose your pin code and/or your 12/24 unique word passphrase you will lose your Hotspot too!
Kerlink can not change the Wallet, a FACTORY RESET will not solve your problem. Hotspot is fully lost.

Go through the account setup process.

Add the hotspot with Helium App

Once Wallet is created, second step is to add a new hotspot


Hotspot synchronization

  • Once the previous onboarding steps are completed, the Hotspot is registered on the Blockchain.

It then starts to create challenges, transmit beacons and witness beacons

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