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The Helium Network migration to Solana Blockchain has been done and is now ok.

This strategic move, voted in by the community, aims to capitalize on Solana's scalability, low transaction costs, and high-performance capabilities, including its fast transaction throughput and energy-efficient consensus mechanism.
On Kerlink side, we successfully updated the whole Helium Kerlink fleet to the latest version from Helium of the light miner and all Kerlink Gateways connected to Internet should now run on Solana blockchain and mine. If it is not the case, it may only be a connectivity issue or a reboot problem. If this is still not working please contact us.

Regarding Onboarding, the onboarding procedure has evolved and it must be adapted following the migration to Solana. We are currently working on the update of our tools to proceed to the onboarding. For this reason, it is currently not possible to onboard a Kerlink gateway through the Kerlink Hotspot application.

For Solana onboarding, please see Kerlink Solana Onboarding
The Light version of the Miner from Helium is available since April 2023


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