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Kerlink Hotspot App

The Kerlink Hotspot App available on Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

On Kerlink Hotspot Started page, you can:

Connect to an existing wallet

Create an account to Helium Network

Onboarding guidelines

Once connected with your Wallet in Kerlink Hotspot App, you can manage Settings:

Security settings

You can enable PIN:

App settings

Kerlink Hotspot is exclusively available in English.
You can Sign Out from the Wallet through this menu.

Please ensure using the latest version before opening a ticket through your distributor

Once Wallet is created and connected in Kerlink Hotspot App, you can:

See your Hotspots

Add new Hotspot

Hotspot synchronization

  • Once the previous onboarding steps are completed, the Hotspot is registered on the Blockchain.

It then starts to create challenges, transmit beacons and witness beacons

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