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Kerlink Solana Onboarding

The Helium Network migration to Solana Blockchain has been done and is now ok.

This strategic move, voted in by the community, aims to capitalize on Solana's scalability, low transaction costs, and high-performance capabilities, including its fast transaction throughput and energy-efficient consensus mechanism.

On Kerlink side, we successfully updated the whole Helium Kerlink fleet to the latest version from Helium of the light miner and all Kerlink Gateways connected to Internet should now run on Solana blockchain and mine. If it is not the case, it may only be a connectivity issue or a reboot problem. If this is still not working please contact us.

Onboarding Webpage

Go to Onboarding page

Click on the gateway picture

Identify your Hotspot

To onboard your Hotspot, we need to identify it. You can find QR codes or Serial Numbers (ID) directly on your product, or on the box you received it in.
You may also enter any serial number (or “ID”):

  • MAC address 70:76:FF:YY:YY:YY
  • Board ID XXiYYYYYY or ZZZXXiYYYYYY (on the Hotspot)
  • Product ID XXiYYYYYY or ZZZXXiYYYYYY (on the Hotspot)
  • Packaging ID XXiYYYYYY or ZZZXXiYYYYYY (on the box)

One more serial number (or “ID”) is needed to register the Hotspot. You can provide the MAC address, Board ID or Product ID from the product label.
Please note that Board ID and EUI are considered as the same serial number (or “ID”), so you should use MAC address, Product ID or Packaging ID for 1 step of the onboarding.

You will now see the message below showing device onboarding is complete. Scan the QR code to link the web app with your wallet.

We recommend to unlock your phone before clicking on SUBMIT button

Click on Yes, Link my Wallet button.

The Hotspot will be declared on the blockchain.

You must reboot your Hotspot.

Set Hotspot location and configuration

It's time to set a location for the Hotspot. Enter location on map as well as antenna height & gain.

Finalize onboarding

Scan or click on the QR code to finalize the onboarding.

Click on Confirm button.

The Hotspot is now on Solana blockchain. This page is the dashboard of your Hotspot.

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