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Configure the Hotspot

Connect to Web interface

DO NOT CLICK on RESET FACTORY button as it will remove the Helium miner software from your Hotspot.
The feature is reserved to technical Support Team

The easiest way to connect to your hotspot is to address it by name.

Using local connection through USB-C for iStation and iFemtoCell-evolution only.

Network setup

The network can be easily configured thanks to the web interface.

Ethernet (default)

Cellular (except Wirnet iFemtoCell)

WiFi (Wirnet iFemtoCell only)

The Full Miner communicates over a peer-to-peer (P2P) network and needs to connect to the remote port 44158.
The Light Hotspot → Validator connection is a standard gRPC connection. The default port Validators listen on is 8080 so Hotspots should be able to connect Outbound to that port.
Hence, other miners must have this port forwarded to their miner IP address, and so should you. Indeed, other miners will want to connect to your miner too.
More info on port forwarding can be found on Helium documentation:

Do not expose/port forward the TCP port 80 from the outside.
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