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Kerlink Helium Hotspot Wiki

Welcome on this public wiki page. You can find below all relevant information concerning Kerlink Helium Hotspot setup, onboarding and troubleshooting.

If you cannot find required information on this page, please contact your reseller (from whom you purchase your product) or Kerlink through OTRS system (if you are a direct customer).

Due its cryptographic key and to ensure Kerlink Helium Hotspot security, no SSH access can be given to those gateways.

Quick start guides

Contents of the box

Content iStation
Mounting kit
Indoor antenna
Power supply
Indoor antenna
Power supply

iStation official accessories (optional)

Install the gateway

For best mining performance, place the gateway on the roof or high up. It is very important to maintain the antenna vertically and without any obstacle at 20 cm around.
Avoid placing the Gateway in places where it cannot see the outside world: in basements, in cabinets, behind TVs, metal screens.
You can manage, plan and optimize your hotspot locations using Hotspotty

Connectivity options



Available connections Ethernet* (preferred)
Cellular 4G
Ethernet* (preferred)
Ethernet* (preferred)
Cellular 4G

Ethernet* The maximum Ethernet cable length is 100m

Installation & Connection settings




Power On the gateway & LED status




Connect to Web interface

DO NOT CLICK on RESET FACTORY button as it will remove the Helium miner software from your Hotspot.
The feature is reserved to technical Support Team

The easiest way to connect to your gateway is to address it by name.

Using local connection through USB-C for iStation and iFemtoCell-evolution only.

Network setup

The network can be easily configured thanks to the web interface.

Ethernet (default)

Cellular (except Wirnet iFemtoCell)

WiFi (Wirnet iFemtoCell only)

The Full Miner communicates over a peer-to-peer (P2P) network and needs to connect to the remote port 44158.
Hence, other miners must have this port forwarded to their miner IP address, and so should you. Indeed, other miners will want to connect to your miner too.
More info on port forwarding can be found on Helium documentation:

Do not expose/port forward the TCP port 80 from the outside.


You will need the Helium Hotspot App available on Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Kerlink support needs version 3.4.6 or later.

Setting up Helium Wallet with Helium App

  • First step is to create an account and a personal wallet.
Please read this page from carefully: Helium - Twelve Words Seed Phrase

Your Wallet is the ONLY way to access to your Hotspot. If you lose your pin code and/or your 12 unique word passphrase you will lose your Hotspot too!
Kerlink can not change the Wallet, a FACTORY RESET will not solve your problem. Hotspot is fully lost.

Go through the account setup process.

Add the hotspot with Helium App

Once Wallet is created, second step is to add a new hotspot


Gateway synchronization

  • Once the previous onboarding steps are completed, the Hotspot is registered on the Blockchain.

It then starts to create challenges, transmit beacons and witness beacons

Troubleshooting guide

Self diagnostic

Information displayed on Helium Explorer are not directly refreshed, it may takes time (some days) to display the real status of your Miner

Self diagnostic

Self Diagnostic and Kerlink Onboarding

Helium Explorer

  • Hotspotty: Open-source tool to create Helium hotspots dashboards with a lot of useful KPIs (HNT per day, week, month)
  • Helium system status: Real time status of Helium (blockchain, API, Consensus Group, PoC, router, explorer, Helium app…)
  • Kerlink-support discord channel: Kerlink-support discord channel
  • DeWi: Global statistics on rewards, DC usage, hotspots, HNT
  • Helium tracker: General KPIs on Helium (top cities, top hotspots…)
  • Open Port Check Tool: Test Port Forwarding on Your Router



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