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FAQ - Gateway Software Installation for WMC 3.1

The following procedure is performed from scratch (only FW is available - the gateway is not connected to the WMC)

How to install 3.1 embedded software for my gateway?

You can follow this procedure or use the magic link:

  1. Ask for a new OpenVPN package to the team and give the serial number of your gateway
  2. Install the OpenVPN package on your gateway (as any other package)
  3. Install the gateway software by following the procedure described here: FAQ - Gateway Upgrade for WMC 3.1
  4. Wait a short time and check that the gateway is connected to the WMC 3.1

The software update procedure is defined above:

Wirnet Product Line (iBTS, iFemtoCell):
Wirnet iBTS (before FW v4.0):
Wirnet iFemtoCell (before FW v4.0):
Wirnet Station:

The magic link can also be used for a first install process. Follow this Magic Link to perform this.

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