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Install or upgrade a gateway on WMC

The connection to the Wanesy Management Center requires several software packages to be installed:

  • Packet Forwarder and companion HAL: required to process LoRa packets.
  • BSCC and SNMP: required to handle software upgrades, gateway monitoring, etc.
  • OpenVPN package(s): required to establish the VPN between the gateway and the WMC
  • An up-to-date firmware
Note that OpenVPN package v3.1 has been splitted in 2 parts: one part containing the secrets, the other part containing the configuration.
Ex: openvpn_secrets_703atf060337_wmcintegration.wanesy.com_3.1.ipk and openvpn_config_wmcintegration.wanesy.com_3.1.ipk

To ease the process, a megapackage can be used to install or upgrade a gateway.

This megapackage includes all of these specific packages in an homogeneous way: a firmware, BSCC and SNMP components, a Packet Forwarder and its companion HAL.

This megapackage does not contain the OpenVPN package which is always delivered separately.

This megapackage preserves any change to your current network configuration (VPN and GSM/ETH configuration).

This megapackage can be used as well remotely (from WMC dashboard for instance) and locally (USB, debug link, SSH).

To make the process even easier, a magic link can be used to install or update your gateway. Follow this Magic Link



  1. It is recommended to have a DHCP server on your local network. The use of static IP can lead to a connection issue to the WMC.
  2. It is mandatory to update the OpenVPN package to at least v1.11 before using the megapackage

OpenVPN package(s) must be requested to and installed on the gateway BEFORE using the megapackage.

Custom IP configuration

By default, when installing the WMC embedded software, the IP configuration is DHCP.

If the gateway needs to have a specific configuration (static IP, mobile APN, etc), please refer to the specific FAQ - Static IP configuration section to know how to proceed:

Software Installation methods

Several methods are available to install the software on the gateway. The software and upgrade methods are list in the compatibility matrix below:

Method Install from scratch Upgrade
WMC drag'n'drop feature no yes
WMC workflow no not recommanded (bug) (not work for OpenVPN package)
Over SSH yes yes
USB stick yes yes

“Upgrade” stands for a gateway that is already connected to the WMC dashboard.

The OpenVPN package v1.11 or v3.0 and OpenVPN v3.1 secret package should NEVER be sent to several gateways at once, so please don't use it in Workflows.
On the other hand, the OpenVPN config v3.1 package can be sent to several gateways, for instance, to migrate all of your gateways to a new WMC server instance.

Embedded software can be delivered as one single megapackage or as individual packages. Please refer to the table below to pick the preferred method:

Megapackage Individual packages
Upgrade method Wirnet Station KerOS (iBTS and iFemtoCell) Wirnet Station KerOS (iBTS and iFemtoCell)
WMC drag'n'drop from firmware 3.x only yes yes, except firmware (3) yes
WMC workflow from firmware 3.x only yes not recommanded (bug) yes
USB (1) from firmware 3.x only yes yes yes
SSH (2) from firmware 3.x only yes yes, except firmware (3) yes


  1. For USB install/upgrade:
    1. a USB autorun script is required.
    2. follow the same procedure as for SSH
  2. For SSH install/upgrade:
    1. On Wirnet Station, install the .tar.gz DOTA.
    2. On KerOS (iBTS and iFemtoCell), uncompress the .tar.gz TWICE (if applicable) and install the .ipk packages.
  3. For individual packages (e.g. not the megapackage) on Wirnet Station, the firmware remote upgrade is not possible. Only BSCC, SNMP, Packet Forwarder and HAL can be installed over SSH/WMC. For firmware upgrades, please use USB.

WMC Drag'n'Drop feature

This can be used to download a single software package (individual or megapackage) to the gateway.

Note that you should be connected to the WMC to use this feature.

  1. Click on Management item and select Gateways item
  2. Select your gateway,
  3. Choose Configurations
  4. Choose Software
  5. Move your file in the drag and drop area in the right part of the page.

WMC workflows

The workflows can be used to install software on several gateways at once.

Note that you should be connected to the WMC to use this feature.

Never install an OpenVPN secret package using Workflows.

Indeed, each OpenVPN secret package is unique and should never be deployed on several gateways.

To upgrade several gateways:

  1. Click on Workflows from the main menu on the left side of the page to pull down the hidden menu
  2. Select Templates
  3. Click on the + to select the workflow template to use
  4. Select the Category: Gateways
  5. Drag and Drop the “updateGateways Firmware” template from “Available” window to “Selected” window
  6. Give a name to your workflow: ex updateGateways
  7. Click on Management item
  8. Click on Gateways item
  9. Click on the Cart icon on the left side of each line to add all the desired gateways to your cart (take care to group the same type of gateway: Wirnet iBTS or Wirnet iFemtoCell or Wirnet Station)
  10. Select the Cart “Selection” at the upper side of your page
  11. Choose the Execute workflow tab from the top menu.
  12. Pull down the menu and pick up the updateGateways workflow you have just created
  13. Choose the software package to download and execute the workflow by clicking the START button

Upgrade or Install from scratch

For USB and SSH install and upgrade instructions, please find below an outlook of the procedures below.

For detailed instructions, please refer to product specific documentation:

Wirnet Station

* SSH (advanced user):

  • Installation from scratch

  1. 	Copy the OpenVPN package in the /mnt/fuser-1/dota directory
  2. 	Reboot the gateway
  3. 	Wait the OpenVPN package installation
  4. 	Copy the megapackage in the /mnt/fuser-1/dota directory
  5. 	Reboot the gateway

  • Upgrade

  1. 	copy the megapackage in the /mnt/fuser-1/dota directory 
  2. 	reboot the gateway

* USB:

  • Installation from scratch

  1. 	copy the OpenVPN package on your USB stick
  2. 	copy the file on your USB stick.
  3. 	Plug the USB stick on the gateway
  4. 	Wait for a few minutes that upgrade ends. 
  5. 	remove the USB stick from the gateway and erase the content.
  6. 	copy the megapackage on your USB stick
  7. 	copy the file on your USB stick
  8. 	Plug the USB stick on the gateway
  9.  	Wait for a few minutes that upgrade ends. 

  • Upgrade

  1. 	copy the megapackage on your USB stick
  2. 	copy the file on your USB stick
  3. 	Plug the USB stick on the gateway
  4. 	Wait for a few minutes that upgrade ends

Keros systems (Wirnet iBTS and Wirnet iFemtoCell)

Only ipk files can be used.

If the megapackage is a .tar.gz file, please uncompress it to extract ipk files with the following command:

# Run on your computer
tar xzf *ran_gateway*.tar.gz


* SSH:

  1. Create the updates folder: mkdir -p /user/.updates
  2. Copy the .ipk files in /user/.updates/
  3. In the case of a first install,  copy the OpenVPN package(s) in /user/.updates/
  4. Run "sync" command
  5. Trigger the upgrade: kerosd –u
  6. Reboot the gateway

* USB:

  1. Copy .ipk files, openVPN package in the case of a first install
  2. Copy the usb.autorun and usbkey.txt files on the root directory of the USB stick
  3. Plug the USB stick to the gateway.
  4. Once the LED starts blinking, remove the USB stick and wait the end of upgrade (2').

Checking packages installation

Wirnet iBTS and Wirnet iFemtoCell

Use the following command to check the currently installed packages (example shows iBTS):

root@klk-lpbs-123456:~ # opkg list-installed
bscc - v3.0.11                                   # <------ BSCC package version
kerlink-openvpn-config-pki2-klk-lpbs-060337 - 1.11-181221
keros - 3.4.5-0-g1d8781c3
libloragw2-fpga - 5.1.0-klk5
lorasnmp - v3.0.11                               # <------ SNMP package version
spf2 - 5.1.0-klk4_5.1.0-klk5
zconf-delete-gatewayid-lpbs - 1.0

Wirnet Station


Gateways running firmware « wirmaV2_wirgrid_v2.x » must be migrated to version « wirmaV2_wirnet_v3.1 » using the script .

Megapackage installation is only supported on firmware version « wirmaV2_wirnet_v3.1 » and upper. Firmware version can be found in the result of the command « get_version -u –v » via SSH or debug probe (see below).

[root@Wirnet_080E0761 ~]# get_version -u -v
UBOOT_VER="U-Boot 2009.03-2009.03-klk1 (Jan 26 2018 - 12:04:27)"
KNETD_VER="wirma2_v4.09 WAN_3.16 (Dec 23 2016-14:33:40)"
************************ Update log ************************
2019.03.05-17:17:55 -- Dota dota_RAN_gateway_v3.0.10_5e546851-f7a3-4881-a905-03a937a8d7e4.tar
2019.03.05-17:18:54 -- Dota custo_libloragw-fpga_4.1.3-klk8_wirnet.tar
2019.03.05-17:19:05 -- Dota custo_openvpn.tar
2019.03.05-17:19:10 -- Dota dota_packages_v3.0.10.tar
2019.03.05-17:20:07 -- Dota custo_libloragw-fpga_4.1.3-klk8_wirnet.tar
2019.03.05-17:20:18 -- Dota dota_spf_3.1.0-klk16_4.1.3-klk8_wirnet.tar
2019.03.05-17:20:26 -- Dota dota_v3.0.10_bscc.tar                        # <---- BSCC package version
2019.03.05-17:20:33 -- Dota dota_v3.0.10_snmp.tar                        # <---- SNMP package version
[root@Wirnet_080E0761 ~]#

Firmware version verification can be done by checking the trustable field « FILESYSTEM_VER ».

  • FILESYSTEM_VER=2016.05v1.5 ⇒ firmware wirmaV2_wirnet_v3.1
  • FILESYSTEM_VER=2016.05v1.10 ⇒ firmware wirmaV2_wirnet_v3.3
  • FILESYSTEM_VER=2016.05v1.13 ⇒ firmware wirmaV2_wirnet_v3.6

Dashboard Gateway declaration

For a first install, the gateway must be declared on the dashboard. Please refer to the administration documentation.

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