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Gateway software resources

WMC 3.2:

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WMC 3.2:

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WMC 3.x:

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v3.0 Gateway Software Releases

CAUTION: Theses packages are only dedicated to connect gateways to WMC v3.x.
They are not intented to be used with WMC v2.3

Wirnet Station must be updated to firmware 3.x before using these megapackages.
Installing these megapackages on Wirnet Station firmware 2.x will brick the gateway.


Product Megapackage md5sum
Wirnet iBTS ran_gateway_lpbs_v3.0.11.tar.gz 4d2df32b16c98566af339ec37c07944e
Wirnet iFemtoCell ran_gateway_wifc_v3.0.11.tar.gz cfc21700e9b8f3e07bdd4a8f933992c3
Product Megapackage md5sum BSCC&SNMP md5sum
Wirnet Station dota_ran_gateway_v3.0.10.tar.gz 9afbef4b07466aea9258557e11d9f350 dota_v3.0.10_bscc_snmp.tar.gz f37cd3d280751e4e2b88c3594ffbcb93

N.B: The BSCC/SNMP package is used for the Wirnet Stations that are static-IP or GSM assigned. See Restrictions/Know issues section below.

Compatibility matrix

Product Firmware Packet Forwarder HAL BSCC SNMP VPN
Wirnet iBTS 3.4.5 spf2_5.1.0-klk4_5.1.0-klk5_klk_lpbs libloragw2-fpga_5.1.0-klk5_klk_lpbs 3.0.11 3.0.11 1.11
Wirnet iFemtoCell 3.4.5 spf_3.1.0-klk18_4.1.3-klk12_klk_wifc libloragw_4.1.3-klk12_klk_wifc 3.0.11 3.0.11 1.11
Wirnet Station 3.3 spf_3.1.0-klk16_4.1.3-klk8_wirnet libloragw-fpga_4.1.3-klk8_wirnet 3.0.10 3.0.10 1.11

Changelog (since 2.3.4)

New features

  • [wifc] JIT LBT feature


  • [KerOS] Integration of firmware v3.4.5

Release corrections

  • embedded v3.0.1:
    • [Dashboard] - Temperature values are not available for Wifc
    • Autoconnect VPN doesn't work when we unplug & replug ethernet
    • Static IP config is deleted with Megapackage 2.3.3 (IBTS) and 2.3.4 (iFemto)
    • [netctl] Bad firewall rules causing TLS handshake error
    • upgrading HAL from 4.1.3-klk8 to 4.1.3-klk11 is not possible due to incompatibility problems (keros)
  • embedded v3.0.2:
    • [KerOS] Use of a single thread to apply network changes
  • embedded v3.0.3:
    • [Update] IBTS stays KO at the end of an update
  • embedded v3.0.4:
    • BSCC statically checks vpn0 and may trigger unnecessary reboots
  • embedded v3.0.5:
    • [KerOS] since FW 3.4.5 discovery failure leading to connection error
  • embedded v3.0.6:
    • [KerOS] Discovery failure leading to a problem of identification of the gateway
    • [KerOS] The route to server must also take part of interface name
    • [KerOS] Wrong status of update
    • [KerOS] Accept multiple instances of VPN
    • [KerOS] Fix file descriptors leaking
    • [KerOS] Replace opkg list by opkg list-installed command
    • [KerOS] On installation, check if file already exists before attempting to modify it
    • [KerOS] Apply WLAN password of current ssid if any change
    • [iBTS] Fix bearer identifier
    • [KerOS] Use of a single thread to apply network changes
    • [configuration] Improvements when setting manual IP. Add threads to wait a little all parameters changes before applying them
    • [backup/restore] Force default rollback value to 30 minutes
    • [Wirnet Station] restart openVPn when changes on network interfaces
    • [KerOS] workaround: add force reboot after removing files
    • [KerOS] reset VPN: replace call of netctl by DBus functions
    • [Wista] at first execution get current configuration
    • [KerOS] at first execution get current configuration
    • Detection of first execution of bscc
    • [ntp] Update configuration when configuration changed by external mechanisms (local interface, manual configuration)
    • bscc and SNMP module configurations are updated when occurs external change:
    • [KerOS] Update network addressing (modification of/etc/network/connman/lan.config)
    • [KerOS] Update bearers priority (modification of /etc/network/connaman/main.conf)
    • [KerOS] Update GPRS provisionning (modification of /etc/network/ofono/provisioning)
    • [Wirnet Station] Update GPRS provisionning (modification of /etc/sysconfig/network)
    • [KerOS] openVPN tunnel monitoring
    • [KerOS][wifc] Use imx temperature sensor as temperature
    • [Wifc] LED 2 “Backhaul” is not managed
    • [KerOS] Fix interface info used for connection to WMC
    • [KerOS] Fix bearer priority
    • [KerOS] Modification of firewall rules
    • [KerOS] Add ofono provisionning and connman wifi provionning
    • [Wifc] Add LoRa modem
    • Replace fifos by sockets for local communication
  • embedded v3.0.7:
    • [Wista] GPS locking is resolved for DIFFERENTIAL and ESTIMATED GPS location fix
  • embedded v3.0.8:
    • [KPI] “Percentage of uplink messages in error” is inverted
    • [Wista] gsm provisioning from dashboard is not taken into account on gateway
  • embedded v3.0.9:
    • Add DNS configuration on static IP ethernet backhaul
  • embedded v3.0.10:
    • Fix issue: openVPN clients rejected after openVPN server restarts
  • embedded v3.0.11:
    • Fixing issue in GSM config: when ugrading the iBTS with the megapackage v3.0.10 sometimes we are losing the WMC connexion in GSM mode
    • [keros] Change default autoquit delay from 3 to 10 for packet forwarder configuration
    • [keros] Change default OpenVPN key renegociation period to 7 days

Restrictions / Known issues

  • Static IP configuration:
  • GSM configuration:
  • Software upgrade:
  • On Wirnet iFemtoCell, spectrum is NOT available.
  • For KerOS products, the backup restore (kerosd -b) is not correctly managed (caution: WMC connectivity may be lost).
  • On Wirnet Station and KerOS products, the priority of backhaul is not managed. Ethernet is always managed as priority 1.


[Wista]= Wirnet Station
[KerOS]= Wirnet iBTS and Wirnet iFemtoCell
[Wifc]= Wirnet iFemtoCell

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