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Troubleshooting WMC connection issues

Process Flow

To analyze your potential issues, it is best to go from bottom to top and check every layer:

  1. Check basic network:
    • If Ethernet, ensure that the link is up, a valid IP is set on eth0 interface (either manually or through DHCP).
    • If WiFi, ensure that the SSID is properly connected and that a valid IP is configured on wlan0 interface (either manually or through DHCP).
    • If cellular, ensure that the APN is properly configured, that the cell signal is good and that there is an IP defined on ppp0 interface.
    • Anyway, issue an ifconfig command to check all interfaces status, and try to ping a machine on the Internet (e.g.
  2. Check installed software and version numbers:
    • On Wirnet iBTS or Wirnet iFemtoCell, run the command: opkg list-installed: this will list the installed packages.
    • On Wirnet Station, run the command: get_version -u -v and check the update log.
    • Check the right OpenVPN package is installed.
    • Anyway, please check that the bscc, snmp, openvpn and the packet forwarder packages are correctly installed with the expected version number.
  3. Check that all expected processes are running:
    • On Wirnet iBTS or Wirnet iFemtoCell, run the command: monit status.
    • On all systems, run the command: ps ww.
    • Anyway, please ensure that the bscc, snmp, openvpn and the packet forwarder processes are running.
  4. Check that the gateway system indicates a correct date:
    • Run the command date. If the date is incorrect, check the GPS/NTP configuration in /etc/ntp.conf.
  5. Check that the connection to the WMC is working:
    • Check that VPN interface (tun) is up in ifconfig.
    • Check the content of the Trustzone (except for Wirnet Station) pnr_uploader -s -b 2, pnr_uploader -s -b 10.
    • Check that and can be ping.
    • Check that lns and snmp can be ping.
    • In the dashboard, add the gateway to the customer's fleet and verify that its status is “connected”.
      • If the status remains “disconnected” and if your gateway is a Wirnet iBTS then issue the command: iptables -L OUTPUT -n |grep “udp spt:10161”. If this command returns an empty string then issue the command /user/snmp/snmpd.init restart and wait few seconds. If the problem remains then reboot the gateway.
      • If the status remains “disconnected” and if your gateway is not a Wirnet iBTS then simply reboot the gateway.
  6. Check that the packet forwarder is working properly:
    • Check the configuration of the packet forwarder in the json config file (“lns” should be defined as the server and port 1700 should be used).
    • Check in the dashboard interface that the gateway has received some messages (be sure that at least one end-device is located in the neighborhood of the gateway).

Logs to check

  • Check main system logs at /var/log/messages.
  • Check main logs:
    • Wirnet iBTS:
      • /user/spf2/var/log/spf2.log* packet forwarder logs.
      • /user/bscc/traces/bscc-*
      • /user/snmp/traces/snmp.log*
    • Wirnet iFemtoCell:
      • /user/spf/var/log packet forwarder logs.
      • /user/bscc/traces/bscc-*
      • /user/snmp/traces/snmp.log*
    • Wirnet Station:
      • /mnt/fsuser-1/spf/var/log packet forwarder logs.
      • /mnt/fsuser-1/bscc/traces/bscc-*
      • /mnt/fsuser-1/snmp/traces/snmp.log*
      • /mnt/fsuser-1/trace_agent/traceagent-* in case of cellular connection.
  • Check the Kernel boot log with the dmesg command.

Ask for support

If you couldn't find why your station is not visible on the WMC dashboard or why you can't receive/send LoRa frames, please contact the support:

Anyway, please provide information about your product and your issue:

  • Serial number
  • Product version
  • Logs
  • Desired behavior / expected result
  • List of checks that you already did

These items can be collected by following the Process Flow step.

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