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GMS API 3.x Swagger Inspector

Swagger like Postman is a RESTful client that can be used to perform http requests to the WMC through GMS API.
You can find information about GMS API in the Documentation section of the dashboard.


To be able to use Swagger Inspector, you need to:

  1. Install the Swagger Inspector extension for your Browser (Firefox, Chrome)
  2. Download the openAPI json file from the WMC dashboard Documentation
  3. Import the OpenAPI json file
  4. Execute an authentication request
  5. Execute a GMS API request (getCustomers for instance)


Here are the screenshots of the steps mentioned above.

1. Install the Firefox Swagger Inspector extension from the Firefox Catalog
2. Download the openAPI json file
from the WMC Documentation section
a) Right click on the OpenAPI JSON description item
b) Save the JSON file
3. Import the OpenAPI Json file
a) Select the upload button
b) Select the OpenAPI json file
c) Open the file
4. Perform an authentication request
This will create a session that lasts 16 hours.
a) Search for application/login request in the list
b) Add /gms/ in the path if missing
c) Fill-in parameters with your credentials
d) Press SEND button
e) Copy the token value to your clipboard
5. Perform a GMS API request (getCustomers for instance)
a) Search for your request definition
b) Copy the token
c) Execute the request
d) Check the request result (HTTP 200 expected)
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