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Wirnet Station embedded sofware 3.1.8

This version is designed to connect Wirnet Station gateways to WMC server 3.2 or greater
They are not intended to be used with WMC servers 2.3, 3.0 or 3.1.


Package md5sum
fwupgrade_wirmav2_wirnet_v3.6_wmc_v3.1.8.tar.gz 35151a963d836de1b7d7c1605b16589e

The content of this package is listed below:

Component Version
keros 3.6
bscc 3.1.6
lorasnmp 3.1.4
lorad 1.1.5-1
lorafwd 1.1.3-2

There are 3 ways to update your gateway's software:

Software update over USB

The update procedure uses 1 USB stick will upgrade the firmware to KerOS 3.6 and will install all other packages with the required software release: BSCC, SNMP, Common Packet Forwarder (CPF) and OpenVPN packages (see the version numbers above).

description file md5sum
USB stick AUTO_DEPLOY_WISTA_3.1.8_USB_STICK.tar.gz 5a0a3a0d4e397d2ca88e4392204e765e
1. Deflate twice the tar.gz file on the USB stick in the root directory
2. Copy files located in the folder AUTO_DEPLOY_WISTA_3.1.8_USB_STICK to the root directory
3. Add your OpenVPN secrets packages in the /vpn_packages/ folder before plugging the stick into the system (if necessary ask for packages to the Kerlink support team)
4. Plug the USB stick in the gateway USB slot
5. Wait the end of the update

Refer to the specific wikis to get more details (ex led management) about software update via USB sticks:

Wirnet Station:

USB stick content

The USB tree should contains the following files/folders:

├──                                                       # executed by Wirnet Stations when plugging the USB stick
└── tmp                                                  
|    ├── mnt					 
|    |    └── fsuser-1
|    |	       └── dota
|    |              └── mnt					 
|    |                   └── fsuser-1
|    |	                       └── dota
|    |                              ├── dota_v3.1.6_bscc.tar.gz	         # BSCC component
|    |	                            ├── dota_v3.1.4_snmp.tar.gz		 # SNMP component
|    |	                            ├── dota_cpf_1.1.8-2.tar.gz		 # CPF component
|    |	                            └── custo_knetd-4.12.tar.gz          # KNETD component  	    
|    ├── initramfs.cpio.gz.ubot			                         # initramfs linux root filesystem
|    ├── script_uboot.img				                 # U-Boot bootloader
|    └── uImage					                         # linux kernel
├──                                                          # executed by Wirnet Stations after rebooting (will flash the software)
├── README                                                               # This file
└── vpn_packages                                                         # WMC OpenVPN packages folder
     ├── custo_openvpn_config.tar.gz					 # OpenVPN config package for all Wirnet Stations
     ├── custo_openvpn_secrets_<serial-1>*.tar.gz                        # OpenVPN secret package for one Wirnet Station
     ├── custo_openvpn_secrets_<serial-2>*.tar.gz                        # OpenVPN secret package for one Wirnet Station
     ├── custo_openvpn_secrets_<serial-3>*.tar.gz                        # OpenVPN secret package for one Wirnet Station
     ├── custo_openvpn_secrets_<serial-4>*.tar.gz                        # another Wirnet Station
     ├── custo_openvpn_secrets_<serial-5>*.tar.gz                        # ...
     └── custo_openvpn_secrets_<serial-6>*.tar.gz                        # ...


Main changes regard to the 3.1.6 embedded software are listed below:

  • Change the embedded CPF version from 1.0.9 to 1.1.8
    • [New features]
      • Improve RSSI measures (by taking into account antenna gain/insertion loss, even in sniffer mode)
      • Improve logs
      • Improve configuration parsing (and simplify default configs)
      • Update JAPAN configuration
    • [Correction]
      • Improve stability with Backhaul disconnections
      • Improve compatibility with various LNS
      • Fix few issues regarding GPS (CPU leak issue in a few cases, failure to start lorad without GPS).

Please note that, if gateways use public IP, it also makes your gateway accessible from Internet on open SSH or HTTP ports (protected by passwords). Kerlink so recommends changing passwords as described in Connection, login and credentials


Kerlink is not responsible for damages resulting from failure to follow these instructions relating to the Kerlink Product’s use.
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