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Magic Link

To ease the upgrade, migration or first installation of gateways, a Magic Link feature can be used. It is a simple command or a simple script based on wget that automatically downloads the required embedded software, configures the VPN connection, configures the packet forwarder with the best default configuration, all in one step.


Request has to be made to customer support through or by opening an OTRS Ticket.

A single Magic Link can be reused for as many gateways as necessary (please include them all when requesting the Magic Link from Kerlink support). It is linked to a single WMC instance.

There is a unique and secret token inside the Magic Link command, Magic Link script or USB package.
This is a secret that shouldn't be shared and transmitted in a non-secure way.


A Magic Link looks like this:

/etc/init.d/firewall stop; killall openvpn; sleep 1; wget -O- | sh

It can either be given as is, for copy/paste, or as a ZIP package, for USB installation.

The hash (the 32-digit token in the URL above: 00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff) is secret. Be sure to safely transmit it, and avoid sharing it!


This feature requires an Internet connection (ethernet, cellular or wifi) throughout all the procedure.

The used connection is HTTPS to (TCP port 443).

Over SSH

An SSH access to the gateway is required, this means that it shouldn't be already connected to WMC (unless for on-premises servers, in which case SSH is possible from the WMC server itself).

Just copy/paste the provided command and wait for about 5 minutes (20 minutes if Wirnet iBTS with FPGA upgrade).

Over USB

Unzip the provided package on an USB stick and plug it into the Wirnet gateway.

For Wirnet iBTS and Wirnet iFemtoCell, please remove the USB stick after 15 seconds (as soon as the LED blinks). For Wirnet Station, please leave the USB stick plugged in for 20 minutes, or until the gateway is shown as connected on the WMC instance.

Over WMC dashboard

Over WMC dashboard, you can use the Magic Link to update a single gateway or a group of gateways.

For WMC, it is less useful to use the Magic Link as the Software Upgrade feature can be used to send any package: new VPN package (migration), megapackage (upgrade), etc.

The advantage though, is that it's no longer required to download the megapackage from the Wiki in one hand and the OpenVPN packages on the other hand.
The gateway will directly download the required megapackage and VPN packages according to the software version of your WMC through the use of the Magic Link.

The other advantage is that you can update a remote gateway by using the magic link script.

Do not use the magic link command directly in the Remote Shell session. That does not work. Use instead the Magic Link script to update remote gateways.

Do achieve this,

  1. Use the File Explorer feature of the WMC to upload the Magic Link script to /tmp (for Wirnet Stations) or /user (for i-Series Stations).
  2. Then use the Remote Shell feature and type: sh /tmp/ for Wirnet Stations or sh /user/ for i-Series Stations.

Then execute the Magic Link script using the remote shell feature:

Updating a single gateway is easy. Updating one hundred gateways is a boring task !

The Workflow feature will deliver you from this hard task !

In the same order, the Magic Link feature can be used to update different types of gateways, the Workflow feature can be used to update a whole set of gateways.
Combining both, that will allow us to update a whole set of different types of gateways.
That's the magic of these features !

Care: This feature is only available for a WMC with a software release >= 3.2. and a Gateway FW >= 4.0 (>= embedded SW 3.1)

The first thing to do is to ask the Kerlink Support to deliver you a magic link to update your gateways. You need to give them the serial numbers of all your gateways you want to update.

Then, you have to select all your gateways by clicking the cart icon in front of each gateway or selecting the cart icon located at the upper level (near EUI item) if you want to select all the gateways of the current page (you can also change the number of items per page: /10 /50 /100).

Care to not mix i-Series Gateways (Wirnet iStation, Wirnet iBTS, Wirnet iFemtoCell) with Wirnet Stations when you create your list of stations
since the parameters will differ when creating the workflow.

Create a workflow for Wirnet Stations only and another one for i-Series Stations.
We recommend to put a maximum of 100 gateways in the workflow to be sure that all the tasks will be correctly performed.

Then, create a template using the 2 following web services:

- createGatewayPutFileCommand,
- createGatewayCommand.

Take care to put CreateGatewayPutFileCommand as Task #1 and CreateGatewayCommand as Task #2. Give a name to your template and select the button VALIDATE.

Go to your Cart, select Execute Workflow and choose your new template:

Click on the CHOOSE A FILE button and select the Magic Link script delivered by your favorite Kerlink Support team:

Set the destination path to /tmp if you are using a Wirnet Station else set the value of /user for i-Series products,

Care to specify the correct destination path to avoid the workflow task failing.

Copy/Paste the Magic Link script filename to the command area and prefixe it with the sh command and destinationPath value:

Select the START button.

Go to the Workflows > Running window to check the execution of the workflow:

Wait a few minutes (around 5') for the workflow execution to complete.

All your gateways have been updated.

Due to a bug, the workflow task may stay in pending state for a long time. Check gateway side if the update has been correctly done for each gateway in the list. This bug will be fixed in a future WMC software release.

So, the page about completed workflows will show information about the completed status of your task once the time out has been reatched (2 hours).

Use cases

First installation / Prestaging

  • over SSH: not applicable for cellular backhaul unless the gateway has a known public IP address. A DHCP server would be necessary on the LAN if Ethernet/WiFi, though static IP should work if directly connected to a computer (static IP and RJ45 cable or WiFi access from the computer to the gateway).
  • over USB: works all the time, but requires physical access.

Migration (e.g. moving gateways from instance A to instance B)

  • over SSH: only applicable for on-premises instances (where SSH is available through the VPN tunnel from the WMC server itself).
  • using WMC: upload the Magic Link script and execute it.
  • over USB: works all the time, but requires physical access.

Upgrade (e.g. same instance, updating gateways)

  • over SSH: only applicable for on-premises instances.
  • using WMC: upload the Magic Link script and execute it.
  • over USB: works all the time, but requires physical access.

Specific Use cases

Combine Magic Link and Workflow features to upgrade several gateways in one shoot.

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