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Table of Contents

Message Buffering

The Message buffering feature initially introduced in the Server Software release 3.1 has been really improved with the Server SW release 3.2.7 and Gateway FW release 4.3.3.

Now, there is a new field called “Gateway received time” displayed in Dashboard for the DataUp messages. Care, this field is different from the field “Date”.

  • Gateway received time: is the reception timestamp on the gateway.
  • Date: is the reception timestamp on the server when the message has really been sent by the gateway.

So there is a change in dashboard, see screenshot below:

Note that the push API has been also altered by the adding of this new field:

_msgid: "e344928a.5b315" 
payload: object 
id: "5fe0c751cab20b0001a5d36e" 
endDevice: object 
fPort: 2 
fCntDown: 1
fCntUp: 8
adr: true
confirmed: false
encrypted: false
payload: "0027420878ff883944c2e2fe646a005a"
encodingType: "HEXA"
recvTime: 1608566609168
gwRecvTime: 1608566609168
classB: false
delayed: false
deviceEui: "343737397633690B

Refer to the page Push API to get more details about the changes involved in the Push API.

Refer to the page FAQ: Message Buffering to know how to enable or disable the Message buffering feature.

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