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Gateway software resources

WMC 3.2:

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WMC 3.2:

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WMC 3.x:

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>= WMC 3.1:


v3.1 Gateway Software Releases

CAUTION: Theses packages are only dedicated to connect gateways to WMC v3.1.
They are not intended to be used with WMC v2.3
Wirnet Station must be updated to firmware 3.1 before using these megapackages.
Installing these megapackages on Wirnet Station firmware 2.x will brick the gateway.


Product Megapackage md5sum
Wirnet iBTS custom-liveburner_4.0.2_klk-lpbs_wmc_3.1.4.ipk 2d8a7f22544cc2acf6544e02d9a7178a
Wirnet iFemtoCell custom-liveburner_4.0.4_klk-wifc_WMC_3.1.4.ipk 7316746133a08d0f59ae302c043eea40
Wirnet Station fwupgrade_wirmav2_wirnet_v3.6_wmc_v3.1.6.tar.gz b74737609413bb65b5f68716568da150

Compatibility matrix

Wirnet iBTS 4.0.2 1.0.5-1 1.0.7-1 3.1.4 3.1.4 3.1
Wirnet iFemtoCell 4.0.4 1.0.5-1 1.0.7-1 3.1.4 3.1.4 3.1
Wirnet Station 3.6 1.0.5-2 1.0.7-2 3.1.6 3.1.4 3.1

FW: Firmware
CPF: Common Packet Forwarder
LORAD: LoRa Daemon
LORAFWD: LoRa Forwarder
BSCC: Base Station Component Client
SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol
VPN: OpenVPN packages

Specific procedure to follow for USB usage:

This procedure used for automatic deployment can be used to upgrade or install software on a SINGLE or a GROUP of gateways.

You need to use 2 USB sticks, the first one to upgrade the firmware, the second one to install OpenVPN packages (all products) and other components (CPF, BSCC/SNMP, workarounds for WISTA products).

The .tar.gz files provided below are “ready-to-use”. You only need to copy your OpenVPN packages on the second USB stick (secrets files in vpn_packages directory and config file in IBTS or IFEMTO directory for KerOS products and in *root directory* for Wirnet Stations):

From software release v3.1, The OpenVPN package has been splitted to a secret file (installed once) and a config file (can be installed several times)
description file md5sum
USB stick number 1 AUTO_DEPLOY_3.1.6_USB_STICK_1.tar.gz 6c31bebc9f2942bb852adecd74a57284
USB stick number 2 AUTO_DEPLOY_3.1.6_USB_STICK_2.tar.gz 458c2c2c8684e732e3fb9023d3e4fa43
1. Deflate twice the tar.gz file on each USB stick in the root directory
2. Copy files located in the folder AUTO_DEPLOY_3.1.6_USB_STICK_x in the root directory
3. Add your OpenVPN packages in AUTO_DEPLOY_3.1.6_USB_STICK_2 before plugging the stick into the system.
4. Plug the first USB stick in the gateway USB slot
5. Wait the end of the update
6. Plug the second USB stick in the gateway USB slot
7. Wait the end of the update

Refer to the specific wikis to get more details (ex led management) about software update via USB sticks:

Wirnet Product Line (iBTS, iFemtocell):
Wirnet iBTS (before FW v4.0)
Wirnet iFemtoCell (before FW v4.0)
Wirnet Station:


Corrections are listed below:

3.1 [WISTA] Fixing bug about the display of the firmware version
3.1 keros : Fixing "lns" resolution 
3.1 using in embedded software configuration
3.1 On station, if vpn ip address is changed, on RAN, ip address is not updated
3.1 [Spectrum] - Spectrum analysis unavailable on WiFC
3.1 [RNC] - Wifc modem stats are not available
3.1 Reinstalling openvpn ask for overwrite stored file
3.1 VPN connection doesn't came back after a restore
3.1 Impossible to connect to LNS after a restore backup
3.1.1 [Default Broadcast] in WAN configuration of WMC dashboard
3.1 BSCC and SNMP can t be installed on keros 4.0.X
3.1 When performing a backup restore from FW 3.4.5+mgpkV3.0.2 after an upgrade from FW 3.1.14+mgpkV2.3.4, we lost the WMC connection
3.1 When performing a backup restore (kerosd -b), the network config /etc/hosts is altered, spf is KO
3.1.1 bscc can t handle magic links
3.1 [BSCC] GW Type identification
3.1 [keros 4.0][snmpd] net-snmp binaries hotfix (fbo)
3.1 [Packet Forwarder] GWMP packet with several frames is not treated by LNS
3.1 Activating message buffering in embedded software
3.1 Make the leap seconds feature enable by default
3.1.1 Split MIB to public and private parts
3.1.1 When ugrading the iBTS with the megapackage v3.0.10 sometimes we are losing the WMC connexion in GSM mode (ofono issue)
3.1.1 Cellular RSSI is not shown when using GSM backhaul
3.1.2 Fixed: When pressing the SEND button in the backhaul configuration, an error is priompted to the user
3.1.2 Fixed: [public MIB] bad response format for several oid
3.1.2 [ntp] bscc do not apply its configuration
3.1.3 [Radio configuration] channel configuration not applied on iBTS
3.1.3 [CPF] By default CPF doesn't connect to LNS
3.1.4 ofono: provisioning does not work with novatrack SIM cards
3.1.4 fails to restart the default service if a VPN is used
3.1.4 Dashboard software update does not work
3.1.4 List of ConfigurationDto is empty at first install
3.1.4 FPGA version is 255 after an upgrade with magic link from version 3.1.7 FPGA v58 on WMC 3.1
3.1.4 CPU of gateway is 100% because of bscc
3.1.4 Automatic connection in roaming cellular configuration lost after upgrade
3.1.5 [Wirnet Station] Bad lorad configuration after install using magic link
3.1.5 [knetd] Bad NIST file data since AID-HUI changes in ublox
3.1.6 [Wirnet Station][GSM] Configuration is not available from dashboard after upgrading embedded 3.0.10 => 3.1.5


- VPN IP address modification is not displayed on dashboard.
- Dashboard times out on large file uploads with slow connections.
- GPRS bearer: On Keros (iBTS and iFemtoCell), it is no more possible to configure GSM from WMC dashboard. It is disabled until MNC/MCC parameters could be set.
- Wifi bearer: On iFemtoCell using wifi, before upgrading from v3.0.11 to v3.1.4, the wifi provisioning must be done manually both in connman (/etc/network/connman/wlan.config) and also in bscc (var.xml).
- Ethernet with static IP: On all platforms, provisioning must be done manually before upgrading to v3.1.4.
- Backhaul priority is not working (but fallback/failover feature works).
- Workflow feature does not work if your WMC has a “small” configuration (16Go).

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