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Wirnet™ iBTS hardware architecture

Wirnet iBTS products

Wirnet iBTS architecture is completely modular and upgradable to offer multiple configurations to cover different countries and areas around the world.

This modularity brings the possibility to choose:

  • The backhaul network: Ethernet or GPRS/EDGE/HSPA/CDMA/LTE for different countries.
  • The Frequency of the unlicensed band (ISM) where to operate the LoRa LPWAN: 868MHz, 915MHz an 923MHz.
  • The number of channels to operate the LoRa LPWAN: 16 to 64.
  • The antenna interface: single (omnidirectional), dual (space diversity or dual polarization) or tri (sectorization).

Three different types of modules are integrated in the Wirnet iBTS:

 Wirnet iBTS compact

  • CPU Module which includes the main following features:
    • Power management of the Wirnet iBTS.
    • CPU.
    • Memories.
    • GNSS receiver (GPS).

This module is mandatory.

  • WAN Module which provides the backhaul functionality:
    • Backup battery.
    • 4G modem available in 3 versions depending on the geographical area.
    • Dual WAN: Variant with 2 MC7304 modem.

This module is optional.

  • LoRa module, which can be prepared in 3 versions:
    • 868 MHz: 863-873 MHz band.
    • 915 MHz: 902-928 MHz band.
    • 923 MHz: 915-928 MHz band.

A Wirnet iBTS integrates at least one LoRa module. Up to four LoRa module can be embedded.

Wirnet iBTS modules

CPU module

CPU module architecture

  • Based on ARM cortex A9 core processor
  • 8GBytes eMMC
  • 256MBytes DDRAM
  • Security: Embedded hardware secure core

CPU module hardware

  • Sensors:

Light - 1

  • ON/OFF Button - 2
  • SMA RF connector for GPS antenna - 3
  • USB connector type A - 4
  • RJ45 Local Ethernet interface - 5
  • Debug leds:

Green - 6
Amber - 8

  • RJ45 Debug interface (serial debug interface) - 7
  • Aux DC supply (11V-56V DC) Euroblock connector - 9
  • RJ45 PoE connector: Ethernet + power supply from PoE injector -10

WAN module

WAN module architecture

  • RF SMB connector for LTE antenna
  • USIM card holder
  • 4G Mini PCI Express module from Sierra Wireless

America: MC7354
Europe and APAC: MC7304

  • Backup battery

LoRa modules

LoRaLoc modem

LoRaLoc modem architecture
  • 2 SX1301 (Semtech)
  • 16 LoRa received channels at dynamic data rate and 125 KHz bandwidth
  • 2 LoRa received channel at configurable bandwidth and fixed data rate
  • 2 (G)FSK demodulator
  • 1 FPGA
  • Geolocation
  • Sniffer: spectrum analyser

RF front-ends

RF front-ends architecture
  • RF front-ends are used for signal power amplification and filtering
  • 4 RF front-end boards version

868 MHz (863-873MHz)
915 Mhz (902-928 MHz)
915 MHz 4 LOC (902-928 MHz)
923 MHz (915-928 MHz)

  • RF front with 2 duplicated TX and Rx paths

RF path 1: RF1 SMB connector
RF path 2: RF2 SMB connector

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