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Wirnet™ iFemtoCell installation recommendations

Installation of a LoRaWAN gateway shall be carefully prepared in advance to anticipate the future coverage area, QoS and make sure that all needed equipment’s are listed and are available the D-day but also to be sure that the installation is conformed to the Kerlink recommendations : Gateways installation recommendations.

The detailed installation procedure is described in the AN-KLK03357 - LoRaWAN gateways installation recommendations - V1.3.pdf available from the Resources page. This procedure must be read, the integrity of the gateway, its warranty and its efficiency depend on it.

Here are the key factors of a good installation (it does not prevent you from reading the “Installation and maintenance manual”), plus a few additional recommendations:

  • Gateway must be mounted on any concrete pedestal, concrete wall or any non-flammable surface (UL94-V0).
  • The LTE/HSPA/GPRS connection requires a USIM subscription and an optional USB dongle.
  • Before inserting the USIM card, pay attention that the Wirnet iFemtoCell is unpowered by checking that all LEDs are OFF.
  • To optimize the colocation between the USB WAN dongle and the external LoRa antenna, a distance of 1m is required between both radiated parts.
  • It is recommended to use a 1 meter extension cable for LoRa antenna when an USB WAN dongle is used.
  • Recommended shielding Ethernet cable is category 6A, STP or SSTP.
  • Before any product installation, a full spectrum analysis should be done on the field with a spectrum analyzer. A backup of each measurement is strongly recommended in case further analysis is required.
  • Photos of the full installation are also recommended to memorize antennas co-locations and check if the installation is properly done.
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