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Wirnet™ iBTS product information

Serial numbers

Support team needs to have the serial number of the product to complete the support request. Please join your gateway serial number each time you open a ticket.

Each Wirnet iBTS has one global serial number.
Because a Wirnet iBTS is made of different modules, each module inside the Wirnet iBTS casing has also a specific serial number.

Wirnet iBTS serial number

The serial number of the product is in the casing next to the power supply M25 cable gland.

Module serial numbers

CPU serial number

On CPU module sticker the CPU serial number and the gateway MAC address are available.

WAN module serial number

On the WAN module sticker, the WAN module serial number is available

LoRa module serial number

The LoRa module has 2 stickers, one for the RF front-end board and another one for the LoRaLoc modem.
The frontend serial number is on one side of the module and the LoRa RF module is on the other side. The frontend sticker is next to the WAN module stickers.

Version information and board_info.json file

/tmp/board_info.json file is the system information file. It contains a lot of information about all modules in the casing including the software versions.

Below is the file structure:

root@klk-lpbs-040031:/user/rootfs_rw # cat /tmp/board_info.json 
    "cpu": {
      .....                        // CPU module information
    "module": [
        {                          // WAN module information
            "EEPROM": {
            "Modem": [
            "position": 1, 
        {                          // LoRa RF module information
            "position": 2, 

To print the content of a file on the console you can use the command cat.

cat /tmp/board_info.json 

CPU array

This array contents Wirnet iBTS CPU information. The CPU module has always the position 0.

"cpu": {
    "CPU": "OK",
    "EUI64": "7276FF002E04038E",              // Gateway EUI
    "GPS": "OK",
    "RAM": "OK",
    "RTC": "OK",
    "SRK0_value": "0xb6f36cf5",
    "board_label": "ATd04038e",
    "bootcount": 1,
    "hab_enable": "true",
    "hw_version": "2e04",                     // Hardware version
    "networks": {
        "eth_backhaul": "OK",
        "eth_local": "OK",
        "mac_backhaul": "70:76:ff:01:03:d3",  // MAC address
        "mac_local": "72:76:ff:01:03:d3"
    "power": {                                // Power information
        "3V3_FDP": 3.301,
        "NVCC_3V3": 3.296,
        "NVCC_DRAM": 1.341,
        "VCC_5V": 5.032,
        "VDD_CORE": 1.361,
        "VIN_POE": 47.659,
        "VPORT_MEAS": 48.112,
        "VPOWER": 9.046
    "serial_number": "0x2e04038e",            // Serial number of the CPU module
    "start_time": "09:22:28 2022-03-18",      // Start time: useful to know if the gateway has rebooted
    "sw_version": "5.5.X_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"      // iBTS Software version

Module array

This array describes the modules inside the Wirnet iBTS except for the CPU module. For each described module you have the module position is Wirnet iBTS casing.

The module next to CPU module has the number 1, the next one the position 2 and so on.

Single WAN module description

A lot of information about the WAN module is available. Among them we can note:

  • WAN module serial number.
  • Modem information.
    • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
    • Software version information: The modem has a software version and a configuration version. It defines on which frequencies the modem is working. The configuration can be different depending on the operator.
    • Network capabilities.
  • SIM information.
    • IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity).
    • Status.

LoRa module description

A lot of information about the WAN module is available. Among them we can note:

  • Front-end serial number.
  • LoRaLoc module serial number.
  • FPGA information:
    • FPGA CID: FPGA identification number used by Semtech to generate the key to decipher the fine timestamps that allow the geolocation.
    • FPGA software version information: The Semtech HAL that is managing the LoRa modem to send and receive message is only compatible with a specific FPGA software version. So to one HAL version correspond a specific FPGA software version. The gateway must have these parameters align.


The Wirnet iBTS gateway is certified in many countries. All the information are available in the Installation and maintenance manual.

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