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General information

Wirnet™ iBTS information

Wirnet™ iFemtoCell information

Wirnet™ iFemtoCell-evolution information

Wirnet™ iStation information

System management

Network management

LoRa Features

KerOS customization

Support and resources


Setup of Wirnet™ iZeptoCell Ethernet Gateway


Zero Touch provisioning (ZTP) feature

Connection to the gateway

Connection to the gateway can either be done via:

  • SSH: click here.
  • Web Interface: click here.
  • Local connection

Firmware update and configuration

A simplified upgrade method is proposed to configure the Wirnet™ Gateways with the Wanesy™ Management Center. This method is called the Magic Link.

The Magic Link is a command line, based on wget that automatically downloads the required embedded software, configures the VPN connection, configures the packet forwarder with the adapted default configuration, all in one step.

Check the firmware version:

Use the FAQ chapter “How to read the software version”: click here
First official version compatible with Wirnet iZeptoCell is version 5.5.4.

Download the last firmware version:

Upgrade with configuration lost (if the gateway is new, use this case)

  • Go on the KerOS firmware last version page: click here.
  • On the bottom of the page download the liveburner IPK file. This upgrade will factory reset the gateway and upgrade it with the last version. The current configuration is erased.

Upgrade with configuration preservation

  • Go on the KerOS firmware last version page: click here.
  • On the bottom of the page download the KerOS IPK file.
  • If specific files need to be preserved consult the upgrade information page: click here.

Update the firmware:

Update of the gateway's firmware can be done over Network, USB or Web interface. Use the previously downloaded IPK file (liveburner or KerOS) and follow the indication of the dedicated page Software updates: click here.

Packet Forwarder activation and configuration

Kerlink provides a packet forwarder (CPF) compatible with Wirnet iZeptoCell gateways. A packet forwarder is the main program of a LoRa gateway. It has to be installed and configured to implement a LoRaWAN network.

Packet forwarder activation

Packet forwarder is included in the firmware. The CPF does not need to be installed. The CPF needs to be enable. To consult how to enable the CPF: click here.

Packet Forwarder configuration

Once the packet forwarder is activated on the gateway, it must be configured to be functional.

  • Go on the Kerlink Common Packet forwarder page and select your CPF version: click here.
  • On the CPF configuration page look at the chapter “How to configure and monitor the packet forwarder?”

Factory reset

If needed the factory reset of the gateway is feasible. Consult the stock restore process: click here

Get the logs

To simplify the log gathering process, Kerlink developed automatic log gathering methods. Consult the Automatic log gathering chapter: click here

Connect an iZeptoCell to WMC

Connect an iZeptoCell to AWS IoT Core

Connect an iZeptoCell to The Things Network

Connect an iZeptoCell to Loriot

Connect an iZeptoCell to ChirpStack

LoRaWAN protocol

Kerlink is a member of LoRa Alliance and the Kerlink gateway is compatible with LoRaWAN protocol. If you need information about LoRaWAN network protocol please contact the LoRa Alliance and request LoRaWAN specification :

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Administrative information

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