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General information

Wirnet™ iBTS information

Wirnet™ iFemtoCell information

Wirnet™ iFemtoCell-evolution information

Wirnet™ iStation information

System management

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LoRa Features

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Setup of Wirnet™ iZeptoCell Cellular Gateway


Zero Touch provisioning (ZTP) feature

Connection to the gateway

You can connect a PC directly to the Wirnet iZeptoCell with a USB cable. In this mode, the gateway will simulate an ethernet device.
In nominal case, after few seconds, your PC will obtain an IP address and you will be able to start a SSH client or HTTP connection on gateway IP
In particular case you are using a DHCP server on your computer, gateway will directly obtain an IP address. A connection can then be done on this IP address.
See here for more information about SSH/HTTP connection details.

Once connected through USB cable, connection to the gateway can either be done via:

Factory reset

If needed the factory reset of the gateway is feasible. Consult the stock restore process: click here

Get the logs

To simplify the log gathering process, Kerlink developed automatic log gathering methods. Consult the Automatic log gathering chapter: click here

Connect an iZeptoCell to WMC

LoRaWAN protocol

Kerlink is a member of LoRa Alliance and the Kerlink gateway is compatible with LoRaWAN protocol. If you need information about LoRaWAN network protocol please contact the LoRa Alliance and request LoRaWAN specification :

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Administrative information

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