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iZeptoCell Cellular - Web interface

Connect to the web interface

The easiest way to connect to your gateway is to address it by name. Wirnet gateways are named after their serial number, as described below, with XXXXXX replaced by the six hexadecimal digits from the serial number; these digits are taken from the last six hexadecimal digits of “EUI” for iZeptoCell Cellular.

http://klk-zcel-XXXXXX/: For example for the iZeptoCell Cellular with 7076FF0080030025 as EUI, the hostname will be: klk-zcel-030025.

It is also possible to enter the IP address of your gateway into your browser’s URL bar (Make sure your computer is on the same local network):

The default credentials are:

The web interface allows to:

  • Trigger upgrade/update on the gateway.
  • Manage the network connectivity (not recommended).
  • Trigger actions on the gateway: Turn off, reboot, factory reset.

When changing the IP of the gateway, or when switching from DHCP to fix IP and vice versa, connection to the web interface will be lost. This is not a bug. As the IP changed, the IP used in the browser’s URL bar is no longer up-to-date. Update it to recover the web interface

Overview menu

The overview menu provides the network connectivity status as well as the firmware version, the hardware serial number, and the system status.

Wirnet iZeptoCell Cellular Web_UI

Administration menu

Network configuration

The network can be easily configured thanks to the web interface.
After cellular configuration has been set, a reboot of the gateway is required to take into account the new APN configuration.


The GSM access can be configured in the web interface.

Any specific operator can be configured.

APN is configured by default and no needs to be changed :
• For IZEPTO deployed in North America (915 MHz): APN is equal to america.bics
• For IZEPTO deployed in Europe (868 MHz): APN is equal to bicsapn


Drag & drop your ipk file and click on UPDATE GATEWAY.

A reboot is required to finalize the update, click on REBOOT GATEWAY.

Gateway administration menu

Get logs from gateway

Logs can be retrieved from the web interface

  1. Click on START LOG COLLECTION button to create the log archive
  2. Once created, the button GET LOG FILE turns active. Click on it to download the log archive

The logs archive is downloaded on your computer and then deleted from the gateway.

Other administration possibility

Some other actions can be triggered from the Gateway tab:

  • Web interface password change.
  • Time settings change.
  • Gateway shutdown (halt command).
  • Gateway reboot.
  • Gateway factory reset (a gateway reboot is required to initiate the factory reset).
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