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General information

Wirnet™ iBTS information

Wirnet™ iFemtoCell information

Wirnet™ iFemtoCell-evolution information

Wirnet™ iStation information

System management

Network management

LoRa Features

KerOS customization

Support and resources



Gateway KerOS firmware

Last firmware

Latest firmware and toolchain for all Wirnet™ i-series gateways are available here: KerOS firmware v5.11.0 (February 2024).

Kerlink provides the cross-toolchain, libraries and headers necessary to the compilation of an application. For more information consult the Toolchain page.

Firmware history

To get information about all firmware releases, consult the firmware release history page.

If your Wirnet gateway has to be connected to the Wanesy Management Center, please check the compatibility matrix from the WMC Wiki first.

Software releases from this page are not guaranteed to work with Wanesy Management Center.

Packet Forwarder

The packet forwarder is a program running on the host of a Lora gateway that forwards RF packets received by the gateway to a server and emits RF packets that are sent by the server.

2 protocols are commonly used by servers:

Kerlink BasicStation Packet forwarder is only compatible with 5.x KerOS firmware versions.

Click here to download it.

"GWMP" Packet Forwarder compatibility matrix

KerOS firmware version Compatibility Semtech Packet Forwarder (SPF) Compatibility Common Packet Forwarder (CPF)
4.3.x and above (5.x) Not tested: Click here to get the HAL for compilation Compatible with CPF integrated in firmware
4.2.x Not tested: Click here to get the HAL for compilation Compatible CPF 1.2.x : Click here (one CPF version for all compatible gateways)
4.1.x Not tested: Click here to get the HAL for compilation Compatible CPF 1.1.x : Click here (one CPF version for all compatible gateways)
4.0.x Not tested: Click here to get the HAL for compilation Compatible CPF 1.0.x :
* Click here for iBTS version
* Click here for iFemtoCell version
3.x.x and lower Compatible Not compatible

The Kerlink CPF implements GWMP v2 protocol protocol and is compatible with LoRa Network Servers present on the market (Kerlink WMC, ChirpStack, TTN …).

Before KerOS firmware release v4.x.x, Kerlink provided pre-compiled Semtech Packet Forwarder (SPF). Since KerOS firmware release v4.x.x, only the pre-compiled Common Packet Forwarder (CPF) is provided, pre-compiled SPF are no longer compatible.

For Wirnet iBTS with firmware release v3.x.x (before v4.0.2), please refer to old Wirnet™ iBTS wiki.
For Wirnet iFemtoCell with firmware release v3.x.x or v2.x.x (before v4.0.4), please refer to old Wirnet™ iFemtoCell wiki.

Packet Forwarder packages

Last firmware

Starting with Wirnet gateways firmware version v4.3.0, packet forwarder is included in the firmware. The CPF does not need to be installed. The CPF needs to be enable. To consult how to enable the CPF: click here.

Packages history

The packages of previous CPF releases are available on the dedicated page: Packet Forwarder Release History


Products documentation

Application notes

KerOS web services documentation

For latest firmwares (4.1 and upper): KerOS web services documentation 8.6.

For 4.0.2 and 4.0.4 firmwares: KerOS web services documentation 5.0.

KerOS SMS documentation

For 4.x firmwares and upper: KerOS SMS documentation 1.1.

Accessories documentations

Reference Designation Description Datasheet
Antenna + 1m cable + support included Antenna kit Omni 868-915 MHz 3 dBi datasheet_-_acciot-kan00_acciot-kan03_-_omindirectional_outdoor_868-915mhz_antenna_-_3dbi_-_v1.4.pdf
Antenna + 1m cable + support included Antenna kit Omni 868-915 MHz 6 dBi datasheet_-_acciot-kan01_-_kan02_-_omindirectional_outdoor_868-915mhz_antenna_-_6dbi_-_v1.2.pdf
KLK03198 Antenna Omnidirectional Outdoor 868Mhz Antenna – 3dBi datasheet_-_klk03198_-_omnidirectional_outdoor_868mhz_antenna_-_3_dbi_-_n_male_-_v1-2.pdf
KLK02843-KLK02887 Antenna Indoor 868-915-923 antenna – 2dBi – SMA datasheet_-_klk02843-klk02887_indoor_868-915-923_antenna_2dbi_sma_v0.1.pdf
KLK03535 Cable 2,8m Ethernet cable datasheet_-_klk03535_-_2_8m_ethernet_cable_-_v0.1.pdf
KLK03536 Cable 2,8m USB A extension cable datasheet_-_klk03536_-_2_8m_usb_a_extension_cable_-_v0.1.pdf
KLK03559 Cable 2,8m USB A extension cable with reinforced shielding datasheet_-_klk03559_-_2_8m_usb_a_extension_cable_with_reinforced_shielding-_v0.1.pdf
KLK03410 Cavity Filter Cavity Filter - 865-870 MHz, EU coexistence LTE800, RGSM datasheet_-_klk03410_-_cavity_filter_-_865-870_mhz_eu_coexistence_lte800_rgsm_-_v1-0.pdf
ACCWM2-SDE00 Debug Probe Wirnet iBTS / Wirma Debug Probe datasheet_accwm2-sde00_v1.3.pdf
ACCIOT-SDE01 Debug Probe Wirnet iStation iFemto-evo Debug Probe Wirnet Debug probe quickstart
KLK03540 Fixation Stainless steel hose clamp datasheet_-_klk03540_-_stainless_steel_hose_clamp_-_v0.1.pdf
KLK02681 POE Injector PoE Injector 30 W indoor - AC Input - EU datasheet_klk02681_former_acciot-inj04_klk02765_former_acciot-inj06_v1.3.pdf
KLK02765 POE Injector PoE Injector 30 W indoor - AC Input - US datasheet_klk02681_former_acciot-inj04_klk02765_former_acciot-inj06_v1.3.pdf
KLK02855 POE Injector PoE Injector 30 W indoor - 48VDC Input datasheet_klk02855_former_acciot-inj02_v1.1.pdf
KLK03505 POE Injector PoE Injector 30 W indoor - AC Input EU datasheet_klk03505_v1.0.pdf
KLK03506 POE Injector PoE Injector 30 W indoor - AC Input US datasheet_-_klk03506_-_poe_injector_-_30_w_indoor_-_ac_input-us_-_v1.1.pdf
KLK03525 POE Injector PoE Injector 30 W indoor - 48VDC Input datasheet_-_klk03525_-_poe_injector_-_30_w_indoor_-_48vdc_input_-_v0.1.pdf
KLK02744 POE Injector PoE Injector 60W EU Indoor datasheet_klk02744_former_acciot-inj05_klk02766_former_acciot-inj07_v1.1.pdf
KLK02766 POE Injector PoE Injector 60W US -Indoor datasheet_klk02744_former_acciot-inj05_klk02766_former_acciot-inj07_v1.1.pdf
KLK03550 POE Injector POE Injector 60 W indoor - AC Input datasheet_-_klk03550_-_poe_injector_-_60w_indoor_-_ac_input_-_v0.1.pdf
Power supply Power supply cables for US, UK,AU , JP datasheet_-_klk03055_klk03553_klk03554_klk03555_-_power_supply_cables_-_v0.2.pdf
KLK03503 Power supply Interchangeable blades AC/DC Power supply datasheet_-_klk03503-_interchangeable_blades_ac-dc_power_supply_-_v0.1.pdf
KLK02819 RF Surge Protection for GSM and GPS Link RF Surge protection - LoRa datasheet_klk02819_former_acciot-rsp00_v1.1.pdf
KLK02900 RF Surge Protection for Lora link - Outdoor RF coaxial Surge protection - Outdoor datasheet_klk02900_former_acciot-rsp01_v1.1.pdf
KLK02881 Surge Protection - DC Link – Indoor DC Input datasheet_klk02881_former_acciot-dsp00_v1.1.pdf
KLK02817 Surge Protection for POE link - Outdoor PoE Surge protection - Outdoor datasheet_klk02817_former_acciot-rsp03_v1.1.pdf
KLK02818 Surge Protection for POE link - Indoor PoE Surge protection - Indoor datasheet_klk02818_former_acciot-rsp02_v1.1.pdf
KLK03524 - Self-amalgamating tape - 3 meters roll length datasheet_-_klk03524_-_self-amalgamating_tape_-_3m_-_v0.1.pdf
- Wirnet iStation DC/DC converter with USB-C output an_-_klk03556_v01_-_wirnet_istation_-_solar_panels_-_usb-c_power_supply.pdf


Cellular firmware (for iBTS)

Kerlink provides .ipk packages to install cellular firmware approved by operators. These packages are not compatible with dual WAN modems.

Modem company IPK name firmware configuration
MC7354Genericwanmodemupgrade-mc7354-generic_1.1_all.ipk md5:d9284bf8c88bdcef008ef0daf2a47fde SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 005.025_002
MC7354ATTwanmodemupgrade-mc7354-att_1.1_all.ipk md5:e098a9481f420bf4c4e05a247748824e SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 005.026_000
MC7354Bellwanmodemupgrade-mc7354-bell_1.1_all.ipk md5:357e510eceac9f7fafd9d7643322c658 SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 005.024_000
MC7354Rogerswanmodemupgrade-mc7354-rogers_1.1_all.ipk md5:00083dfde61c5916eac2517f436ba03b SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 005.022_000
MC7354Teluswanmodemupgrade-mc7354-telus_1.1_all.ipk md5:f53badb852c1eaab07855ab644407d73 SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 005.023_000
MC7354Verizonwanmodemupgrade-mc7354-verizon_1.1_all.ipk md5:618ba29ff25d252e8e7c83de79515a50 SWI9X15C_05.05.58.01 005.029_001
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