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Use of integrated SMS commands

Wirnet™ i-series gateways can be configured using SMS commands. Most features available from the web interface and the REST API can be activated/configured over SMS.

SMS syntax and list of available SMS are described in Keros SMS commands specification. Specification aligned with your firmware can be found in the resources page.

Use of customs SMS

Wirnet™ i-series gateways are able to send and receive SMS if the mobile network is properly configured. Modems are identified by manufacturer_X where:

  • manufacturer is the modem manufacturer (sierra, quectelqmi, …)
  • X is a number starting from 0. It can vary if there are more than one modem on gateway or if modem has been reset (dongle unplug and replug for example)

To retrieve the identifier, use the command.

Here is an output of /tmp/gsmdiag.txt. Two modems are displayed, and only one has a SIM card present. Its identifier is /sierra_0.

Content - output


It is possible to send an SMS using a DBUS command. Examples:

  • To send an SMS using the modem /sierra_0 (Wirnet iBTS):
dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono /sierra_0 org.ofono.MessageManager.SendMessage string:"+33XXXXXXXXXX" string:"test sms"
  • To send an SMS using the modem /huawei_0 (Wirnet iFemtoCell):
dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono /huawei_0 org.ofono.MessageManager.SendMessage string:"+33XXXXXXXXXX" string:"test sms"


Receive an SMS using a python test script :

File - receive SMS python script

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