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Wirnet™ iStation product information

Hardware versions

Wirnet™ iStation exists in 3 different hardware versions summarized in the following table:

Version 868 915 923
Radio RX band 863-873MHz 922-928 MHz 915-928 MHz
Radio TX band 863-873MHz 902-915 MHz 915-928 MHz

LORABOARD_TYPE is readable from board_info.json and allow the software to dynamically know which version is used.

Serial numbers

Kerlink support team requires the serial number of the product to start treating support requests. Please join your gateway “Product ID” each time you open a ticket.

Each Wirnet iStation has one global serial number “Product ID”, one “Board ID” and one “Packaging ID”.

The “Product ID” and “Packaging ID” of the product are visible on the gateway cardboard.

The Wirnet iStation has one or two stickers placed on the right side of the case. These stickers include serial numbers (“Board ID” and “Product ID”), MAC address, EUI identifier, regulatory markings and electrical information.

"board_info.json" file

/tmp/board_info.json file is the system information file. It contains information about hardware and software versions. This file is generated at the boot of the gateway.

root@klk-wiis-020004:~ # cat /tmp/board_info.json
    "cpu": {
        "CPU": "OK",
        "EUI64": "7076FF0054020004",
        "GPS": "OK",
        "Modem": {
            "Manufacturer": "QUALCOMM INCORPORATED",
            "Model": "QUECTEL Mobile Broadband Module",
            "data_attachment": {
                "APN": "",
                "attached": "",
                "connection": ""
            "gsm_attachment": {
                "MCC": "",
                "MNC": "",
                "SignalStrength": "",
                "status": ""
            "sim": {
                "ICCID": "",
                "IMSI": "",
                "PIN": "",
                "status": "absent"
            "sw_version": "EG25GGBR07A06M2G"
        "RAM": "OK",
        "RTC": "OK",
        "board_label": "CFb020004",
        "bootcount": 1,
        "hab_enable": "false",
        "hw_version": "5402",                            // Hardware version
        "networks": {
            "eth_backhaul": "OK",
            "mac_backhaul": "70:76:ff:03:00:0e"          // MAC address
        "power": {
            "12V_POE": 12081,
            "NVCC_3V3": 3302,
            "NVCC_DRAM": 1337,
            "VCCDIG18": 1831,
            "VCC_5V": 5048,
            "VCC_Back-up": 11741,
            "VCC_RF": 2381,
            "VDD_CORE": 1376
        "radio": {
            "LORABOARD_TYPE": "WIIS-923"                 // LoRa RF module information
        "serial_number": "0x54020004",                   // Serial number of the CPU module
        "start_time": "09:36:49 2019-07-16",             // Start time: useful to know if the gateway has rebooted
        "sw_version": "4.1.2_20190610073708"             // Firmware software version


Wirnet iStation gateway is certified in many countries. Further information is available in the Quick start guide.

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