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The product is warranted

Customer Service Repair steps

  1. The product warranty is still valid, the RMA will be sent in the repair ticket.
  2. When your parcel will be received, a confirmation will be sent in the corresponding ticket.

Please make sure that at least the RMA header is visible on your parcel.
Any product returned to Kerlink without an RMA will not be handled by our service. The product should be packaged properly: electronic boards without mechanics shall be packed with an antistatic bag, and products in mechanics shall have their external connectors properly protected. Kerlink cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred during transport.

If it's not required by Kerlink, all accessories (POE, antenna, SIM, metallic support…) are not necessary.

Repair process

We investigate and confirm the diagnostic on your product.

The product can be fixed

We repair the product and validate its good operating condition with our production test bench. Any product leaving our service will have passed all our production tests.

The product can't be fixed

A replacement product will be sent.

Your product is out of warranty

After the acceptance of the commercial offer, the product will be fixed. Any product leaving our service will have passed all our production tests.

Return of your product

Products handled by after-sales service will be returned to customer with the factory output configuration.
The repair service will not install applications provided by the customer.

The software version will be the same as the original version except in the following case:

  • If the software is not currently supported by Kerlink.
  • If we replace the product.
  • If we have to add a service (SPN, RAN…) or to modify a configuration.
  • If the failure is rectified by a software upgrade.
  • If you want a specific version, in this case, we invite you to specify it in your repair ticket.

Please note that a complete reformat of the product is done, data loss is possible.

The product will be shipped back to you once it will be ready. A report will be sent to you, as well as the Delivery Note, in the corresponding ticket. The ticket will be then closed. As we use various delivery services, the tracking number will not be provided except if required.

Non-EU Customer

If you ship from a non-EU country, please ask for a definitive import and join a pro-forma invoice “for customs only”. The description of goods should state « NO Commercial Value – Repaired unit Radio network access station shipping under Warranty », and the standard unit price per product should be 2€. Shipping in a different mode can lead to important custom fees that would be charged to you.

In any case, shipping and any other cost related to the transportation from your facilities to ours will be at your own costs.

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